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"Change The World (Lost Ones)"Anberlin

"If I could write one letter to the world as we know it
I would list these rhymes that mean everything to me.
Heartache temporary, bullets only stop your blood.
Pain will live on and on….
in everyone, in everyone.

And we could change, we could change it down.
We could change the world, we could strike the chord.
We are the lost ones.
We could re-write history, if only you and me.
We are the lost ones.
And we could change it down.

The bottle holds no answers, his lips can only sway.
Chemicals imbalance, who needs them anyway?
Desire is close at hand, her lips can only sway.
There’s more to life than this.
Don’t give yourself away.

Don’t give yourself away…..”

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"Paperthin Hymn" (Anberlin) | Proclaiming Cadence

This is a last minute cover I did for a contest Anberlin was doing. They will choose 4 artists to be guests vocalists on their upcoming album! Pretty darn cool. If luck existed, I’d ask for some right now. ;) It’s definitely not my best, but above all else, Randy and I had fun making it!! Hahaha.

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