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Do this.

*Click in the box on the right side of your dash, that says “search tags”.

*Type in the word “ugly”.

*Hit “enter”.

That shit breaks my heart. Ppl just raggin on themselves. And ppl raggin on other ppl. Yeah, we all do it, but that’s a lot of ppl that think they’re ugly or something. Granted, looks aren’t everything; some of them are being sarcastic, some of them are fishing for compliments or sympathy, and some of them really are just…..ugly. But that sucks, man. I’ve learned that when you feel like absolute shit, like you’re all down on yourself or depressed or whatever……………HELP SOMEONE ELSE. When you stop focusing on yourself, it serves as a good distraction. AAAND if you can’t make yourself feel good/better, you might as well make someone else feel good/better.

Anyways, I’ve been a whiney little bitch lately because I’m really sad and upset about some things going on in my life. This isn’t so much a BAD thing as it is something that is really pointless. So I spent the last few minutes browsing the tumblrs of some “ugly” ppl. It didn’t take long to find something good in each of them. Then I told them what “good” I was able to see, in spite of their “uglyness”. I’m still sad. I’m still struggling. But for a few minutes I wasn’t just sitting here….feeling it, and hurting. For a few minutes I was using it to tell someone “ugly”, that they’re BEAUTIFUL.

4 Eel.

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I wish I was:

Brave. Stronger.

I wish I could:

Feel no pain.

I wish I was:

Young. Shy. Honest. Him not I.


Mad. Angry. Callused. Lost. Confused. (Again). Cheap. Used. Unfaithful.

Lets start:

Over. Over.

I wish I was:


I wish I made:

Cures for how people are.

I wish I had:


I wish I could:

Lead. Change the world for you and me.


Mad. Angry. Callused. Lost. Confused. (Again). Cheap. Used. Unfaithful.

Lets start:

Over. Over. Over. Over.

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