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I’m an idiot.

and just pre-ordered 2 more copies of Neighborhoods. lol. That makes 5 total. Here’s why though!! In the video Mark made this morning, live on Just In TV, he showed the T-shirt he wore in the “Up All Night” music video, and he’s shipping it to Cali, to be given away as one of the “secret gifts” w/ the presale bundles!! He recently signed and donated two bass guitars too……..so the earlier presale orders probly won’t get any of those things!! So I hope I get something sick with at least ONE of my bundles!!!!! I’m so excited to hear the new cd (Yes, I still haven’t heard it. It’s very special to me, and my first listen has to be PERFECT…meaning I will be alone or with people who are specifically “okay’ed” by me and there will be no talking and it will be in either a pitch black or dimly lit room.) and see what I get as my secret gifts!!

I’m trying to figure out how I can make my way to Cali to see them play at least once more!!…..perhaps the Jimmy Kimmel show they’re doing?? O_0 YES. lol. idek. I’m certifiably cray-cray.

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