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Heavy jams.

Lately I haven’t been on the front lines of heavy/hardcore/whatever music as much as I’d like. Someone please holler at me with some bands and/or albums to check out??

And preferably along the lines of Every Time I Die, Converge, Stick To Your Guns, Meshuggah, letlive., etc. type of “heavy”.

And preferably not along the lines of Of Mice and Men, Asking Alexandria, The Word Alive, etc. type of “heavy”.

Thanks in advance! <3


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Whelp, I’m still adding songs to it, but here it is thus far. These are songs that I’d like to have sex to. lol.


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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I just ordered 7 vinyl and a blink-182 shirt for a total of $62 on the Hot Topic webstore. “How?” you ask?? Well all vinyl is 50% off and if you spend more than $30, shipping is FREE!! Check it!

They’re Only Chasing Safety | Underoath ($20 $10)
Self Titled Collection | Misfits ($12 $6)
Good News For People Who Love Bad News | Modest Mouse ($12 $6)
Real Talk | Man Overboard ($13 $6.50)
Direction | The Starting Line ($23 $11.50)
Penny Black | Further Seems Forever ($14 $7)

20 years bunny t-shirt |blink-182 ($9)



((You’re welcome ♥))

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